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Plum and Berry Galette

Wild raspberries are just beginning to turn red this week. I wanted to get a jump on the industrious birds and pick at least a handful before they’re gone. These raspberries are not quite ripe and not hybridized, so they are pretty tart. Pairing them with sweeter fruit makes their tartness mellow enough to be full of flavor.


Radishes with Pastured Butter

radishThis is a nice little snack, especially good in the summer when there is access to spicy radishes from a Farmer’s Market or garden.

3-5 radishes, ends cut off, then cut in half

1 T. pastured, grass-fed butter

sea salt or fleur de sel

Place radishes on a plate, end side down, so that there is a larger surface area on the top where you will place the butter.  Place a small slice of butter (maybe about 1/2 tsp) on top of each radish and sprinkle with sea salt.  Eat each radish in one bite.