Cilantro-Walnut Pesto

6 c. cilantro, woody/tough stems removed, lightly packed into blender

1 c. walnuts

1 c. extra virgin olive oil

2 cloves garlic, grated

1 T. honey

1/2 of a lemon, juice and zest

2 T. raw apple cider vinegar

3 tsp sea salt

dash of ground black pepper

Put all ingredients in a Vitamix.  Pack it down so that the cilantro is engulfing the blades.  Start on low speed.  As the cilantro begins to be shredded, gradually turn the speed higher.  If the cilantro creeps up the blender carafe, leaving the blades to blend air, then turn off the Vitamix, open the lid, and pack it down again.  Continue this process until the entire mixture is moving freely in the Vitamix.  Do not over blend.  The pesto should be creamy, but have a little texture to it.

There are endless possibilities for serving this garlicky, zesty, fragrant pesto.  Try it with chicken, meatballs, as a veggie dip, toss with pasta, on a sandwich, or thin it slightly with a little more vinegar and extra virgin olive oil and use as salad dressing.