Sort of Like, an Antipasto Plate

antipastoAs an hor d’oeuvre, for lunch or snack, I love to put together a plateful of finger foods.  It is completely satisfying to eat with my fingers; it is primal, instinctual, easy, and I find joy in licking my fingers after an especially delicious bite.  So why not eat this way more often, slow down and savor each bite?

Take a medium sized plate (a salad plate so that you do not overindulge) and fill with a mixture of your favorite finger foods.  Some ideas:


uncured, preservative free salami and deli meats


pickles (Bubbies are naturally fermented and contain probiotics)

nori – drizzled with EVOO, sprinkled with sea salt and cut into small squares fruit cut to size

plantain chips

sweet potato chips

roasted vegetables – leftovers from last night

crudites’ with hummus or pesto – carrot sticks, endive, sliced peppers, jicama

cheese – goat, brie, sharp cheddar, Havarti

whole nuts – almonds, Brazil, cashews, walnuts

marinated artichokes or mushrooms

stuffed grape leaves

kale chips

roasted chickpeas